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"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul." 

-Luther Burbank

At Dragonfly Farms we take pride in delivering an experience that’s inspirational, educational, and meaningful to garden enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

You can transform your garden into a masterpiece with the right combination of plants. With the wide range of varieties and colors available at Dragonfly Farms, the possibilities are endless. With so many choices, you may even have a difficult time making up your mind. With a little help from us, you're sure to be thrilled with your selections.

Garden center
Pottery Selection

Container gardens are a patio's best friend and Dragonfly Farms stocks the best containers around. We can help you decide on the proper size, shape, and material. Then you choose a color, design, and finish that suits your style or will complement plantings, anything goes.  Feel free to create a collection of potted plants, or a focal point by showcasing just plant in one of our large-scale pots. 

At Dragonfly Farms, we want your garden to be successful. To help keep your plants healthy and thriving while looking beautiful, we stock a large selection of treatments to feed them and keep pests at bay. Dragonfly also offers a wide range of garden decor and accessories to highlight your taste, interests, and personality! 

Gardening Tools
Holiday Decor

No matter the season, Dragonfly Farms is your source for amazing products and ideas to make your home festive. From winter to summer, fall and spring, and any holiday in between, Dragonfly carries the supplies to get your house in the spirit of the season.

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