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Flowering Garden


We love plants and we want you to love them too! Our mission at Dragonfly Farms is to provide you with the highest quality and best selection of locally grown plants, period.  From longtime favorites to new and compelling varieties, we have the annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, houseplants, edibles, seeds, and bulbs to satisfy your gardening desires and the most unique and beautiful garden shopping experience around. 

perennial flowers


These gorgeous blooms return every season

Dragonfly Farms stocks a wide variety of the best perennial flowers that require very little care and provide years of beautiful blooms. Unlike annual flowers, perennials come back year after year so you don't have to worry about reseeding or replanting every spring. The only downside? Most perennials have a relatively short bloom season, which ranges from a few days to a few weeks. For this reason, most gardeners choose to interplant perennials with annuals, so a well-designed backyard looks colorful year-round.


Seasonal color to make your garden pop

Even though they only last until frost, annuals are all-stars in the garden because of their fast growth and vibrant colors. At Dragonfly Farms, we have an ever-replenishing selection of flowers that are easy to grow and care for. With the many varieties and colors of plants to choose from, the combinations and designs are endless. We also offer a bounty of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Stop in to get your tried-and-true favorites and check out some unique varieties to add to your culinary garden.



Add some structure to your landscape

Shrubs define a garden. Low maintenance and easy to grow, you can rely on them to frame a garden bed, to be the “walls” of an outdoor room, or to provide privacy. Shrubs add height, create focal points, and add year-round interest to the landscape, they also provide cover for birds and other wildlife. Dragonfly Farms has a huge selection of shrubs, including spectacular new colors and features like variegated foliage that make our shrubs great investments. Come shop our shrubs, bushes, and hedges to beautify your landscape. 


Don't forget to green the indoors too

When you want to decorate your home and brighten it up, adding house plants can instantly transform any space. Dragonfly Farms stocks a wide range of varieties with different light needs and levels of care, you are sure to find the perfect fit to suit your home, office, or workplace. Bonus: plants in the home also can clean the air and even eliminate some toxins. Come to Dragonfly to see what awaits in the greenhouse!

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