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We want your garden to be successful. The first step is buying the best quality plants at Dragonfly Farms! To keep them in optimum health, we sell soils, fertilizers, mulches, tools, and control products to manage and prevent insects, diseases, weeds, and wildlife.


And what garden would be complete without some accessorizing? Our offering of garden accents includes fairy garden supplies, whimsical solar stakes, lanterns, wind chimes, garden figures, and so much more to express your taste, interests, and personality! 

Soil, Mulch & Fertilizers

Beautiful, bountiful gardens start with healthy, nutrient-rich soil. Here at Dragonfly Farms you’ll find a large selection of soil amendments along with a full range of container blends. Mulches are available to properly complete any planting activity by serving as a layer of protection for the plant material. Feeding your plants regularly or as directed is critical to enjoying vigorous, lush, and healthy growth over time. We carry only the fertilizing products we trust and recommend from brands like Osmocote, Espoma, Miracle-Gro, and more.

miracle gro potting mix

Weed, Disease & Pest Control

Many pitfalls can derail your garden. Weeds, diseases, insects, and animal visitors can destroy all of your hard work. Dragonfly Farms provides solutions for all of these possible problems with ground fabrics, weed treatment applications, fungicides, and insecticides as well as products you can apply to prevent unwanted wildlife invasions without harming any animals. 


Tools & Accessories

No matter the size of your garden, there are some tools you just can’t live without. At Dragonfly Farms, we stock many of the tools and accessories that you need to get your gardens planted and looking great. Plus, we have a large selection of cute garden accents for that extra something special. 

gardening tools
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