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The planters and pots you select for displaying your plants can be as much of a reflection of your unique style as any other home accent you may place. Express your personality, or the personality of your favorite plant, through pottery! At Dragonfly Farms, you’ll discover an ever-growing and ever-evolving selection of pots with saucers, offered in an array of colors, prints, and sizes suitable for any plant across every season.


Planters & Pots

At Dragonfly Farms, we carry planters in a variety of materials including ceramic, resin, plastic, composite, clay and more!  Available pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor use , and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. 

face pots

Decorative & Hanging Planters

Dragonfly Farms carries a full range of unique pots. From hanging planters and window baskets to animal shapes and cute faces, whatever your interest we have a planter you'll love. 

plant caddy

Planter Accessories

Dragonfly Farm stocks a full array of planter accessories; saucers, liners,  stands, caddies, hangers, hooks, and more to ensure you have everything you need to make your container planting just right. 

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